Berrex Computer Solutions is now a provider of free software.

Below is a list of software I've made freely available




KillBrowser immediately closes any browser and all associated processes. This is handy when your browser pops up something strange that you do not expect nor understand, and is probably a virus. If you try to close it, it will still get you! This utility kills the browser and any processes the 'virus' is trying to run. Or if your browser just hangs on a slow page and you can't close it, this will do the trick!




FixMyOutlook fixes common problems with MS Outlook not starting. If you have an error when you open outlook, just run this file



This is a very simple utility which adds an action to your file browser window that allows you to print the contents of the directory you select in your windows file browser. After running the installer, simply Right-click on any directory and select Print Directory Listing.